Cover, Postcards from hereForthcoming February 16, 2016
Penny Guisinger’s Postcards from Here has its hands deep in the plain rich soil of small town Maine life, with intimate, lyric particulars of hauling wood, parenting in the wake of divorce, the death of a neighbor, the way we shift with the seasons. It also digs at less expected terrain—love at the moment when same-sex marriage is made legal, and the ongoing battles against addiction. In a place full of hunters and prey, these micro-essays wear blaze orange: Guisinger’s prose is alert and alive, visible and vibrant.”
— Arielle Greenberg, Author of Locally Made Panties






Capturing reality requires acts of omission and other treacheries.



uisinger’s voice is that rare combination of strong and perplexed, pissed and amused, self-effacing and cocky, compassionate and outraged. Her writing convinces us that there are no easy answers, just the steady soldiering on.”

— Barbara Hurd, author of Walking the Wrack Line: On Tidal Shifts and What Remain, and 2015 recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.