Postcards from Here

Released February 2016

Postcards from Here is a capturing of a community, a harsh and beautiful place, a family, and the internal experience of its author in the form of micro-essays. The book takes on the realities of rural New England life, the moments and details that stitch a community together, the politics of being gay and divorced in such a place, and the visceral details of raising children, gardening, porcupines, travel, marriage, and other hazards of living. Written in a coastal community at the eastern edge of the United States, this book works to transcend the Maine depicted on touristy postcards by crafting missives its rural residents might really send – what true stories this place and its people have to tell. The individual pieces in Postcards tell stories that are both intensely personal and entirely communal in scope, and as a collection they create a portrait of one person’s attempt to do a good job at this business of being human.




Reviews and author interviews:

Postcards from Here reading -- Machias -- Thursday, February 25th 6 pm

Join me for the first-ever public reading of my first-ever book. Come to Porter Memorial Library. I’ll read from the book, answer questions, and we’ll all have some refreshments. Copies of the book will be available for purchase and I’ll have a signing pen with me. Join me!

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Postcards From Here -- The BOOK.

There’s a book coming in June 2016. Penny’s manuscript, Postcards from Here, has been accepted for publication and will be released by Vine Leaves Press. Stand by for further updates!!

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Postcards From Here is a Quarter Finalist!

I don’t know what a quarter finalist is — I looked it up, and it seems to be a sports thing. But the gist is that I entered my book-length manuscript, Postcards From Here, into the 2014 Vignette Collection Award at Vine Leaves...Read More »