How Not To Be Sexist

I’m a blogger! Sort of. Ok, not really. Author Sheila Boneham offered me a guest spot on her weekly blog. Sheila is using her cyber-pad this October as a place for discussion and insights about domestic violence, and guest bloggers are weighing in mightily. I met Sheila’s offer with a promise to, somehow, link the dynamics of domestic violence to the life of female writers. Sexism is sexism, after all, and the VIDA count has its roots in some of the same societal inequities as violence against women.

When I read this post on the Missouri Review’s blog, which is an account of poet Anne Barngrover’s experience at a reading, and the ensuing commentary, which contains an all-too-common, testosterone-fueled, reeking-of-male-privilege response from some guy named Tom  – well, I had things to say to Tom and his ilk.

My post goes live on Wednesday, October 16th. I’m putting on a hard hat, preparing for the Toms of the world to throw rocks at me.